Custom solutions for industry 4.0 realized by Open Mind Tech for
the optimization of logistics and production processes.

OM-Link Platform

OM-Link is our middleware platform able to manage all the incoming data from the ERP (SAP, Barflow, MES, AS400) through standard interfaces or specific integration modules. OM-Link can interact with all the main digital comunication technologies. It is personalized on your needs.

It is the heart of Open Mind Tech Custom Solutions for industry 4.0

OM-Link middleware

Advantages of our Custom Solutions for industry 4.0


Operating times Saving


Cost reduction


Elimination of errors


Integration with ERP/MES/WMS/MOM


Compatibility with Industry 4.0 specifications

The markets we address to

Smart Manufacturing

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Pick to Light Solutions, Electronic Kanban, Kitting, Traceability, Goods Location and much more

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Logistics 4.0

Find out more about our Solutions for Logistics 4.0:

Pick to Light Solutions, Sorting and Staging Optimization, Traceability and Goods Location

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Why to choose Open Mind?

We love the innovative technologies and challenges faced by

logistics and manufacturing companies, optimizing business processes.

We do not offer standardized packages. Our solutions are linked to specific customer needs.

Some of the customers who trust us: