About Open Mind Tech

Open Mind Tech is the tech division of Open Mind Group, a company specialised in the realization of Digital Communication Solutions from the perspective of Industry 4.0.

We mainly address the world of industry, manufacturing and logistics by creating solutions such as wireless Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light Systems, Stationary and Dynamic Kitting, Electronic Kanban, etc.

about open mind tech

What we do

Thanks to our OM-Link software platform, we interpret the operating logics of companies by integrating the most suitable digital technologies (e.g. ESL – Electronic Labels, Beacon and RTLS, NFC, RFID, Voice Command Systems, etc.) and by realizing totally customized solutions in line with customers’ specific requests.

Our solutions allow goods traceability and/or localization, operating flows monitoring, improve manufacturing production line efficiency, operating costs and errors reductions allowing to reduce the ROI from 6 to 18 months.

How we work

Depending on your needs, we develop the most suitable solution for higher performances in order to help you save money by optimizing and automating process communication. Our work approach involves a first analysis and design phase in which we analyze operations, objectives to achieved and we design the most appropriate solution for your company. In the second phase, we implement our software platform in order to optimize processes within the company. Then we install the chosen solution and train the staff on its use. At the end of the installation, we provide post-sales customer care, by acting promptly as soon as problems arise.

OM-Link platform

OM-Link is the software platform behind Open Mind Tech solutions. It is scalable and modular and specially designed to manage all incoming data flows to and from the corporate ERP.



Connection with all the main technologies such as ESL, RFID, Voice Collect System, Beacon, NFC.

monitoraggio flussi lavoro


greater precision in workflows monitoring.

about open mind tech tablet

riduzione errori

Errors Reduction

It optimizes work times and reduces the possibility of operator error.

geolocalizzazione kit

Kit Location

Optimizes kit tracking, localition and visibility.

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