AGV system
for industry 4.0

The Automated Guided Veichle (AGV) represents the forefront technology in warehouse automation, which are present in the most advanced logistic center in the world. With the solution of Open Mind Tech, we take care that you can enter to be part of that forefront. We are able to program or integrate a software solution with AGV that is fit for your company. We do not offer standard solutions but only highly custom solutions. It is our strenght. The AGV system we realize will give you the possibility to reduce drastically the dead times, to reduce the staff costs, to implement the logistic flows, to speed up orders delivery.

For improving your performances and carry on your work the best you can

Speed up order processing

AGV being machines do not need pauses, if not for recharging batteries. This allow them to work in a continuous loop without any stop. Furthermore steering them through the software we have developped they will always calculate the shortest path for reaching and moving any goods from the stocking area to the line production.

AGV error possibility in collecting goods is near zero if not zero. These factors all together bring to a major speed in order processing.

Improving logistic flow

Automation in AGV system for industry is not only about the mechanic phase of collecting and transportation, but also the data flow. The software of control and managment not only regulate the activity of AGV but also it can integrate the warehouse activities with the ones of other areas, improving the whole logistic flow. Thanks to the data flow we can grant you a greater traceability in each phase, linking the visibility in real time of where the goods are to the inventory control and the possibility of programming collections, reordering goods that are near the point of out of stock and so on. Last but not least with the analytics produced by our software, you will be able to see critical points or possibility of optimization.

AGV software
AGV model
AGV models

Cost Reduction

The first big costs reduction with AGV System for industry is about the staff. An AGV can take over the work force of one or even more pickers, moreover it has a costant energy and preformance, it can potentially work for 24h all week and it is not subjected to human error if not during the programming. An AGV consent a transport of goods in an efficency and safe way, avoiding possible breaks that could constitute an economic loss.

Improving staff working conditions

Thanks to AGV, operators can do less repetitive and less hard tasks, because the load movimentations especially the heavy loads is transferred to the AGV. This gives the possibility for the operator to work in operation with more value added as: supervision; management; programming, maintenance; shipping control.

Further advantages

Solution scalability

AGV solution that we realize are easily implementable. You could decide to start implementing only a small part of your warehouse and in a second time the whole logistic area with a bigger AGV fleet.

More safeness

AGV are equipped with security systems and moving sensors able to avoid crash with operators, oters AGV or objects on their path. Last but not least, being machinery they can enter in areas with potential risks for operators, preserving the health and safety of them. This reduce the risks of work accidents and improve safeness of the entire logistic center.

Technical specification

Main technical characteristic of AGV system.


Despite the ROI (Return on investment) of a project with AGV solution varies on the base of the numbers of vehicles and the functions they have to carry out; the data we have in our hands says that it is around 20/24 months. 


Main KPI (key performance indicator) of AGV technology are:

  • It is possible arrive to a reduction of staff cost near 50%
  • Time in orders preparation – 90%
  • Increasing in the speed of order preparation between 15% and 20%
  • Increasing in logistic efficency between 20 and 30%
  • Work accident – 60%



In short term the costs of a solution with AGV system are higher then the hire more operators. It is in the mid/long term, that it is possible to see the return of the investment. This solutions will last for years granting savings year after year.


AGV solutions are fit if the operations are mainly repetitive. Being robot the software that control them can be programmed for a limited number of variables. If the operations tend to be non repetitive then AGV is not the best choice.