Beacon system
for industry 4.0

Open Mind Tech realizes Beacon system solutions highly custom. Beacon solutions can respond to many necessity like localization in your warehouse, speed up production, improve safeness of operators. They have an high localization precision that made this technology fit for industry 4.0.

For improving your performances and carry on your work the best you can

Real time geolocation

In your logistic or production center interact: people, objects, goods, machinery, which is always more necessary to know the exact position in real time in order to optimize processing times. Beacon technology 5.0 that we can provide you personalized and adapted to your needs, managed through our software OM-Link, is able to do all this with an error in localization which is near few centimeters.

Thanks to localization through beacon and data elaboration made by our software OM-Link, that historicize movements, it is possible improve the path of operators through a map: guiding them in the warehouse, from the warehouse to the production line, from the production line to the stocking area so that to reduce timing and improve productivity.

beacon software
Beacon System

Indoor and Outdoor usage

If you have the need to localize in real time differnt items in the warehouse, in the production area or in an outdoor stocking area, Beacon BLE (Bluetooth low energy) rugged, that we can provide to you, are able to resist at envairomental factors as: dust, rain, solar radiation, hostile temperatures. Beacon slave that we use in our solutions have an action range of data transmission to the Beacon Master superior to 200 meters, they are expressely studied to cover large surfaces and allow a cost reduction in the number of installations.

Beacon vertical usage

Parameter monitoring

Beacon can be equpped with advanced sensors for the monitoring of enviromental parameters as: temperature, humidity, vibration, pressure, VOC (volatile, organic, compound) and so be an important ally for the safeness and control of your working areas.

Security application

Small dimension wearable beacon help to improve workers safeness signaling their position and the eventual entering in dangerous area, the approaching of a possible danger and therefore, it is possible to automatically activate an alarm system that block or signal the imminent risk.

Technical specification

Main technical characteristic of Beacon system.

Mobile and Fixed Devices

Integrable with our solution of LOCALIZATION and TRACEABILITY

wearable beacon




Beacon bridge

MB5000 Location
IoT Bridge


Despite these parameters vary on the base of project typology and the use of beacons that you need, the data we have collected in the past installations says that there is:

  • Improving of productivity and work force between 50 and 60%
  • Item loss -98%
  • Theft reduction 50%
  • Increasing of logistic – production capacity between 15 and 20%
  • Work accidents reduction 30%


Beacons use radiofrequency to transmit data, therefore, in order to cover large spaces the positioning of  Beacon Slave and Beacon Master have to be well designed for avoiding zones with no signal, without supersaturate the area with Wi-Fi access points. Moreover it is important to avoid signals overlapping. Last but not least, for each Beacon slave, there is to assess the type of fastening: sticky surface, with screws, suction cup, wearable or other solutions.

Beacon solution initial cost can vary a lot in relation to the dimension of the area to cover, the number of Beacon slave needed, because their cost vary from few euro to some tens.