COBOT integration
for industry 4.0

A Cobot is a collaborative robot for the industry 4.0. Cobots are the present future of the industrial automation, they can work sinergistically with the human operator, so that this last could do repetitive works easier, improving at the same time the quality of the final product. With Open Mind Tech solutions, we want bring that future in your company and empower you to have the advantages of productivity, safeness, man-machine sinergy that this technology gives.

For improving your performances and carry on your work the best you can.


A Cobot  can make many work operations for example: packing, picking, palletizing, pick e place, quality inspection, assembly. Thanks to the AI (Artificial Intelligence) a cobot is able to learn from the operations it makes, improving during time speed and precision.


Solutions of cobot integration that we realize find many uses in the warehouse or production area as for example:

  • Traceability implementation
  • Movimentation of dangerous material
  • Interaction with others machineries or non-collaborative robot that can be potentially risky for the workers.

We can also re-program cobots as many time as you need, in the case the work they did at the beginning is not necessary anymore. So that you can use the same cobots for differt purposes, even temporary.

cobot specification

Improving and speed up processes

Cobots being robot they do not need pause. This gives them the possibility to work in a continuous loop without stop except if required by the human operator they are working with. Furthetrmore steering them through the sofware we have developped you’ll be able to adapt them to the pace of work that you need, speeding up the production and improving the quality and precision of the process you use them for. Cobots can provide a growth of efficiency  and productivity, reducing the time needed to complete productives cycle.

Improving of working conditions

Almost all the alienating, repetitive and potentially dangerous works, can be done by cobots, preserving the heath of the operators. In the application we have developed with cobot technology, we aim to an improving of working conditon too, so that the operator can use the time in works with more value added like: supervision activity, managing operations, maintenance ect.

Further Advantages

Scalable solution

Cobot solutions that we realize are easily implementable. You can start implementing only few parts of your company and then in a second time all the rest with a larger numer of cobots and more works transferred to them.

Safeness in human-cobot interaction

The cobots we use in our integration have a security systems inside the mechanical arm that allow the installation without any kind of barrier on the side of the operator. 

Technical specification

COBOT integration main technical specification


Despite the ROI (Return on investment) of a project that includes cobots varies on base of the numbers of cobots and the working function they have to accomplish the return of investement is really short, with a timing that in some cases is under the 12 months.



The mechanical cobot arm is on average a little more big than a real human arm and it has a strenght similar or little more superior. Even though exist bigger models, cobot was born for collaborate with the operator and so are not fit for moving really heavy loads or highly bulky. 


Cobot solutions are fit if the operations are mainly repetitive. Being robot, the software that control them can be programmed for a limited number of variables. If the operatios that have to accomplish tend to be non repetitive, then cobot is not the best choice.