Speed and productivity of a supply chain has become an important growth factor for organizations. Cross docking, if set up correctly, can be a decisive strategy and bring a great competitive advantage, bringing many improvements in terms of efficiency and time management.

How does Cross Docking work?

Cross docking is a logistic procedure in which the products of a supplier are distributed directly to a customer or to a retail chain with marginal or absent handling or storage times. Through this process, the goods are unloaded from the dock of the incoming transport vehicle, sorted within the cross docking area as quickly as possible and then transferred to the outgoing transport vehicle platform.

In this area, products can be loaded, sorted and screened to identify the final destinations. After being sorted, products are moved to the other end of the cross docking terminal to be loaded onto the outgoing truck. When the outbound transport has been loaded, the products can then reach customers.


When is Cross Docking used?

The cross docking process cannot meet the needs of all companies. It is very useful in the case of companies dealing with fresh or temperature-controlled products, such as food, which must be transported as quickly as possible or in the case of products already packaged and ordered, ready to be shipped to a specific customer.

An effective solution to optimize Cross Docking

The cross docking process can be optimized thanks to Open Mind Tech Digital Systems. The use of Wi-fi Electronic Labels with high intensity LED lights makes it possible to:

  • Reset times and costs necessary for printing paper supports, to be applied to sorting destinations, which are replaced by graphic displays;
  • Provide the operator with all the useful information for cross docking operations in a very intuitive manner and in real time, reducing staff training costs;
  • Increase delivery speed to the end customer.
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