Electronic Kanban System Optimization

for Industry and Production

The Open Mind Tech Electronic Kanban Solution makes it possible to optimize the production lines and line manufacturing supermarkets supply in accordance with the production flows of each Company.

Electronic Kanban features

The Open Mind Tech Electronic Kanban allows you to digitize all the material supply flows in the production lines and in the line supermarkets. Digitizing the process allows you to:

  • monitor the lead times of requests from the lines until the kanban replenishment has taken place,
  • monitor consumptions,
  • report any issue or understock

The solution is based on the OM-Link proprietary platform which interfaces, upstream, with any type of corporate ERP and / or MES and, downstream, with the technologies involved in optimizing the process: Wi-Fi Electronic Labels, barcode readers , Tablet, AGV, PLC.

electronic kanban
electronic kanban picking

Electronic Labels Functionality

By providing the locations of the production lines or the supermarket with special Wi-fi Electronic Labels with high intensity LED lights, it is possible to:

  • guide operators in the assembly stages, because they allow you to identify the Kanbans containing the necessary components, in the desired order
  • request the supply of a drawer / item in real time
  • monitor and guide the operators in the replacement phases of the kanbans required by the line
  • guide the operators in charge of the picking and refill of line Supermarkets

Embeddable technologies

ESL for electronic Kanban


Electronic Labels (ESL) guide operators thanks to the LED lights on the Label and the graphic displays offer any information useful for identifying the product. They are updated remotely and therefore allow you to monitor stocks, FIFOs, etc.

RFID electronic kanban


RFID technology allows you to locate or track assets on time. Multiple types of RFID tags are available (active, passive, on-metal, rugged, etc …) depending on the type of asset to which they are associated and the accuracy required

Electronic kanban picking

Wearable Device

They are single or combined solutions of wearable barcode readers and wearable PDAs. They offer the operator maximum freedom of movement (hands free) and immediate interaction with the sw platform for specific functions

Pick to light Rugged-Tablet

Rugged Tablet

Supplied to pickers or mounted on cart or forklifts, they offer the possibility to confirm picking and refilling operations in a precise and punctual way. Available in multiple formats and features

The advantages of the Open Mind Tech Electronic Kanban Systems


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