Electronic labels
for industry 4.0

The electronic labels usage that we have studied for the logistic-industrial sector, interacting with our software OM-Link, will consent you the precision and speed that you need for improving productive pace line and accelerate picking, kitting, refill processes, reducing errors, dead times and out of stock moments.

For improving your performances and carry on your work the best you can

Speed up operations

Being faster without increasing the risk of error, it is the great challenge that production “just in time” requests to the logistic-industrial sector. Through our solutions that use electronic labels technology governed by the software OM-Link, we can grant you updating time of the information put on the ESL that are near a second. In order to speed up picking, kitting, refill operations of the line supermarket and at the same time avoid interruptions in the production.

Best precision

Through multicolor high visibility  LED lights, present on each label, we can guide the operator or more operators contemporary in the components picking for the production lines or for the preparation of a kit. Each label indicates on his display the numbers of components to pick and it updates on the software the data of the stock in real time in order to consent refill operation before the out of stock.

electronic labels
ESL picking system

Warehouse monitoring

Thanks to the interaction between ESL, the operator, OM-Link software and the WMS (warehouse management system), it is possible keep always under control, with data updated in real time, the whole warehouse stock. This allow to visualize eventual storages, scheduling on time the reordering and avoid out of stock situations.

High solution flexibility

Many ESL formats (from 1.6″ to 7.5″), no need of wiring, which consent the maximum flexibility of layout warehouse changing: long lasting batteries (till 7 years), E-ink multicolor graphic display which consent to visualiza text, numbers, barcodes, QR codes. All this features along with information real time updating, have made of ESL a powerful tool for improving all those productive-logistic operations which before were entrust to the memory of the singular operator with high possibility of error or to paper label which is of easy perishability.

Further advantages

Paper and toner saving

Another evident advantage  of ESL solution that we realize for the industrial-logistic sector is the zero of paper printig costs.

Formation cost reduction

There is an important reduction in costs and times of formation for operators. The graphic display of electronic labels, with LED lights, allow to easily guide the pickers during kitting process.

Technical specification

infrared esl

Graphic Infrared ESL
Pricer AB

  • LED green light with high intensity

  • Diffused infrared connection 1.245MHz

  • Lasting till 7 years (on the base of the usage)

  • Electronic label is equipped with tag NFC

  • ESL consents the visualization of 3 pages

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Graphic Finfbox ESL

  •  White and red LED light

  • Black and white or black-white-red display

  • Radio frequency connection 868 MHZ (Europe)

  • Extended battery with more duration

  • Electronic label is equipped with tag NFC

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Radio frequency graphic ESL

  • White LED light and RGB

  • Display colors: white-black-red

  • Radio frequency connection 868 MHZ (Europe)

  • Water and High temperature resistent till 40°

  • Electronic label is equipped with tag NFC

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Despite the ROI (Return on investment) of a project that includes ESL solutions vary on the base of dimensions, numbers of items and specifical type of ESL used: the data we have collected in the past installations say that it is between 12 and 16 months.


Main KPI (key performance indicator) of ESL solutions are:

  • Productivity increasing 30%
  • Out-of-stock reduction 50%
  • Speed increasing in order execution between 20% and 30%
  • Efficency increasing between 15 and 20%
  • Precision in goods localization 99%


Usage of ESL in industrial enviroment can require a frequent display updating for going at the same pace with line production. This comports an inferior duration batteries but even in the case of a really intensive usage, never goes under a year, nevertheless the sostitution of them is easy.

Electronic labels were born for the retail sector, therefore being the industrial logistic sector completely different, we always do a preliminary study of your company needs, a first demo and at last a personalized solution development.