Electronic Labels (ESL), born for the GDO sector, have undergone a great technological transformation over the years that has led them from simple retail tools to innovative digital devices, revolutionizing other sectors apparently unrelated to it such as Manufacturing, Industry and Logistics.

How has the technology of Electronic Labels evolved?

Electronic Labels (ESL) were born about 30 years ago for the large-scale retail sector with the main aim of automatically updating the prices of shelf products.

With digital progress, they have evolved into interactive systems: not only to show the price, but also to make certain activities more efficient, such as displaying inventory, managing inventory, reordering goods, etc.

Various technological evolutions have allowed this technology to open up to the Industrial and Logistic world and in particular:

  • The advent of E-ink Graphic Displays, unlike LCD displays, has made it possible to view texts, barcodes, QR Codes and much more

  • The integration, since 2015, of high-visibility multicolor LED lights has made it possible to optimize multiple processes

  • The addition of integrated NFC tags has expanded the possibilities for interaction

  • The birth of multiple formats has allowed the use of ESL in very heterogeneous applications

  • Optimizing battery consumption has made this technology highly competitive

These evolutions have allowed the use of Electronic Labels far beyond traditional areas of application, targeting different markets such as the world of Production, Industrial Manufacturing and Logistics.

picking ESL

Open Mind Group focuses on the use of
Electronic Labels in the Industrial and Logistic world

What are the main production and logistics processes in which their use is particularly effective?

Goods, means and assets Location

Goods, vehicles and assets Location Systems

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Pick to Light

Pick to Light System
with Electronic Labels

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Kitting stages Optimization

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Electronic Kanban

Electronic Kanban
with Pick to Light

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Manufacturing Supermercats

Manufacturing Supermarkets
Optimization Systems

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Sorting, Cross Docking e Staging

Logistics Processes Optimization

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Open Mind Group is a partner of Pricer AB and SES-Imagotag

Open Mind is a certified partner of the two most important electronic label manufacturers: Pricer and SES-Imagotag.
Pricer is the absolute leader in communication through infrared (IR) technology and SES-Imagotag is the leader in communication via radio frequency (RF) technology

Competence in both technologies (IR and RF) allows Open Mind to advise
the best technical solution based on the type of application to be implemented for your customer

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Pricer AB
Graphic Infrared ESL

  • High intensity green LED light

  • Diffuse infrared connection 1.245MHz

  • Duration up to 7 years (based on use)

  • The electronic label is equipped with an NFC chip

  • ESL allows the display of 3 pages

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Graphic Radiofrequency ESL

  • White and RGB LED light

  • Display colors: white-black-red

  • Radio Frequency Connection 868 MHZ (Europe)

  • Resistant to water and temperatures up to 40 °

  • The electronic label is equipped with an NFC chip

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Findbox Graphic ESL

  • White-red LED light

  • White-black or white-black-red display

  • Radio Frequency Connection 868 MHZ (Europe)

  • Extended battery with longer life

  • The electronic label is equipped with an NFC chip

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The advantages of using Wi-Fi Electronic Labels with LED lights