Kitting Systems for Industry 4.0

Kitting Systems Solutions designed by Open Mind Tech allow to optimize the production lines supply, reducing times and errors, in line with the production flows of each Company.

Kitting functionality

Kitting is the collection of components and parts necessary for the production of a particular assembly or product. The production team defines kits to be prepared based on the orders while the warehouse team picks up the individual components from the warehouse and collects them together in a Kitting Cart. These components are then released where needed according to the company takt time.

Open Mind Tech Kitting Systems allow to optimize Kitting Cart preparation operations using Wi-Fi Electronic Labels with high intensity led lights to be positioned both on warehouse shelves and, if desired, on individual Kitting Carts.

The operators are then guided both in the components picking from shelves (Pick-to-Light) and in the items supply phases, in the Kitting Carts (Put to Light).

Kitting siystems
kitting systems ESL

Kitting Systems

Let’s briefly see the characteristics of Kitting performed via Wi-Fi Electronic Labels, which can be installed both on warehouse shelves and, if desired, on individual Kitting Cart.

  • The switching on of the LED lights on the Labels guides the operator in the collection and storage phase of the product / article / component.
  • The operator confirms the withdrawal or deposit through a device (barcode reader, Voice system, button or RFID), and the deposit list is automatically updated.
  • The operator receives a confirmation from the status change of the light signal and is therefore ready to move on to the next action, until the completion of the Kitting.
  • It is also possible to install Large Format Labels (7.5 ″) on the Kitting Cards that summarize the list of components and any missing items that occurred during the picking phases.
  • Thanks to the Electronic Labels it is possible to guide the operators in the preparation of multiple Kitting Cart, massaging the picking and ventilating the individual elements on the correct Cart thus optimizing the picking times.

Embeddable technologies

ESL for electronic Kanban


Electronic Labels (ESL) guide operators thanks to the LED lights on the Label and the graphic displays offer any information useful for identifying the product. They are updated remotely and therefore allow you to monitor stocks, FIFOs, etc.

pick to light Voice System

Voice Collect System

Voice Picking provides operators with voice guidance of operations. It is a system settable on the needs of the individual company: voice commands, picking flows, pick-up confirmations as well as background noise

Electronic kanban picking

Wearable Device

They are single or combined solutions of wearable barcode readers and wearable PDAs. They offer the operator maximum freedom of movement (hands free) and immediate interaction with the sw platform for specific functions

Pick to light Rugged-Tablet

Rugged Tablet

Supplied to pickers or mounted on cart or forklifts, they offer the possibility to confirm picking and refilling operations in a precise and punctual way. Available in multiple formats and features

The advantages of the Open Mind Tech Kitting Systems


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