Our Logistic Processes Optimization solutions

Open Mind Tech offers many solutions for the logistics processes optimization, using the most innovative digital technologies that interface with any management software, ERP, WMS and MES through the proprietary OM-Link platform.

These solutions allow, for example, to guide the operator in assets Sorting, they offer complete information in real time for Cross Docking and improve assets preparation for shipment in the Staging Area.

The optimization of these and other logistics processes aims to boost productivity, drastically reducing errors and therefore operating costs for the company.

logistic processes optimization Vertical warehouse

Sorting optimization

Logistic processes optimization like Sorting which is the phase during a set of shipments are divided into various sub-sets based on an adequate criterion, which is usually the asset or goods destination area.

In the warehouse, the Sorting is also the distribution of the goods picked through a massive picking for a single order.

The Sorting optimized by Open Mind Tech is based on the Put-to-Light System with ESL technology. Wi-fi Electronic Labels with high intensity LED lights: Electronic labels, associated with each order / destination, will report the amount to deposit and the lights will guide the operator in the Sorting phase precisely and with significant time savings.

Among the many operational advantages of this system, it should be emphasized that the operator does not need specific training as the solution is very intuitive.

Open Mind Tech Sorting systems are the ideal complement to all situations in which massive picking occurs, such as from Vertical Storage System, storage areas, etc.

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Cross Docking optimization

Logistics companies specialized in Cross Docking must carry out the unloading, sorting and shipping operations in a very short time. Each operation must be optimized in order to guarantee a very limited “lead-time

Cross Docking Solutions by Open Mind Tech, using Wi-Fi Electronic Labels, allow to reset times and costs needed for paper supports printing to be applied to sorting destinations (Pallet). Their graphic displays replace the paper supports and, thanks to the automatic updating, they offer the operator all the necessary information in real time.

What is more, the Electronic Labels, thanks to the high intensity LED lights, can further guide operators during the sorting phases.

  • Costs and printing times zeroing
  • Higher delivery speed to the end customer
  • Staff training costs reduction
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Logistic processes optimization cross docking
Logistic processes optimization Warehouse Staging

Staging and Order Consolidation

The solution proposed by the Open Mind Group for logistic processes optimization like Staging and Order Consolidation consists of ESL Electronic Label Wi-fi system with high intensity LED lights that, through the OM-Link software on Tablet, allows operators to select only the sub – orders necessary for every single goods incorporation, with a drastic reduction in error possibility.

Advantages of adopting a Staging and Order Consolidation Optimization System are:

  • Time reduction, especially on orders with multiple sub-orders;
  • Drastic errors reduction;
  • Very intuitive graphic interface that does not require training;
  • Software that allows to have ccess to historical data about the operations performed through log in case of dispute.
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Embeddable technologies

ESL for electronic Kanban


Electronic Labels (ESL) allow a very accurate Geolocation of assets. Thanks to the triangulation of the transmission powers (RSSI) and the supply of high intensity LED light, they allow the operator to be guided in the precise identification of the item sought

RFID electronic kanban


RFID technology allows you to locate or track assets on time. Multiple types of RFID tags are available (active, passive, on-metal, rugged, etc …) depending on the type of asset to which they are associated and the accuracy required


Beacons allow you to provide a precise location of devices, people, vehicles or assets within an area. They use BLE technology (Bluetooth Low Energy 2.4 Ghz.) And allow locations up to about 100 meters with an accuracy of less than 2 meters


Ultra wide band

The Ultra wide band (UWB) tags allow a geolocation of the neck to which they are associated with an accuracy that can go up to 30cm thanks to the Ultra wide transmission frequencies used (from 3 to 7 Ghz.)

The advantages of the Open Mind Tech Logistics Operation Processes Optimization Systems


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