Our Logistics Geolocation Solutions

Based on the company needs, Open Mind Tech uses appropriate technologies, building ad hoc solutions that allow to detect goods, people and/or means and devices position and to send it to the proprietary platform OM-Link that processes these data and integrates them into a database, transmitting information through any management or business software.

People Geolocation

Does your company need to monitor people during their operations? Our Geolocation solutions allow you to:

  • Check how long an operator has interacted with a certain product or equipment;
  • Ensure operators safety in the workplace. This occurs in very large warehouses where it is therefore possible to track operators in real-time, especially in case of emergency.
Schermata OM-Link x geolocalizzazione
Schermata OM-Link GEO

Asset Geolocation

Does your company have to monitor goods, means or devices (for example AGVs)? Open Mind Tech Solutions allow you to:

  • Monitor assets (through Asset Tracking) to ensure that they are meeting the production line supply times;
  • Assets can be tracked using software or hardware solutions, both indoors and outdoors, both in a static position and in motion.

Embeddable technologies

ESL Radiofrequenza

Radiofreq. ESL

The Radio frequency graphic Electronic Labels are equipped with a high readability E-ink display, multi-color LEDs, resistant body, fast update times and do not require wiring.

ESL Infrarosso

Infrared ESL

The Infrared Electronic graphic Labels are equipped with high impact flash, E-ink graphic display, high visibility smartFLASH green LED and NFC chip, long life battery up to seven years.



The RFID works through an antenna – fixed or mobile – and a tag, which communicate in radiofrequency. The tag is a chip that, pushed by an RFID reader, activates an exchange of data.



The Beacon allows the automatic asset mapping within a limited area. Unlike the NFC Tag, it sends signals to all the devices in its range of action.

The advantages of the Open Mind Tech Geolocation Systems


OM-Link software, totally customizable according to the customer’s requests, acquires the data coming from single data acquisition technologies and makes them available to the company computer system


The graphic interface is very simple and intuitive and can be customized according to the customer’s needs to make the application and its functionality more usable.


Om-Link enables the interaction between the company ERP, WMS and MES and the main digital communication technologies: Electronic Labels (ESL), RFID, Voice System, Beacon, NFC, etc.


OM-Link has been structured with a modular logic to allow implementations over time in line with changing business requirements.


OM-Link is completely customized in each module according to the specific business needs.

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