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In recent years, following the growing demand to guarantee high production quality standards and to ensure timely control of the entire production and logistics supply chain with a view to safety, tracking has become increasingly important and has extended to a wide range of sectors, such as the automotive, electronics, logistics, food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Tracking therefore consists of the ability to trace all processes, from the procurement of raw materials to production, shipping, to the end user, storing all the data related to the components, processes, handling of products, objects and general merchandise.

Although there are various ways of looking at tracking, there are generally two perspectives: chain tracking and internal tracking.

Chain Tracking

The general concept of tracking in the world applies to chain tracking. Tracking of the chain means that history, from the procurement of raw materials and parts to processing, distribution and sale, can be traced forward or backward.

This gives manufacturers the advantage of simplifying the investigation into the causes and recall of products in case unexpected problems have arisen. Consumers can also use this tracking as a term of reference to select highly reliable products, without worries such as labeling errors.

Internal tracking

Internal tracking

Internal tracking means monitoring the movement of raw materials, semi-finished products of individual components or batches of products within a specific limited area in an entire supply chain, such as a single company or a single factory.

The management and use of the production history and the results of inspections of these components by the plant can also be considered internal tracking.

Tracking in production processes is therefore an activity of collecting and managing information relating to what has been done in the production processes, from the acceptance of raw materials and parts to the shipment of products

Our Tracking solutions

The Open Mind Tech tracking systems allow to manage the entire production chain in total safety: from the receipt of raw materials to the shipment of the finished product, to the control of every single production, processing, handling and warehouse or shipment phase.

Basically, the system is based on the orderly collection of information during specific procedures or production processes (variable depending on the sector in which the customer company operates) and allows you to check and identify every single action carried out even backwards.

Tracking is, in essence, a process of communication with company information systems (ERP and MES) and data storage.

Field data collection can be facilitated by the use of specific technologies such as RFID tags, vision / OCR sensors, barcode readers, etc …


Integrable technologies



RFID technology allows you to locate or track assets on time. Multiple types of RFID tags are available (active, passive, on-metal, rugged, etc …) depending on the type of asset to which they are associated and the accuracy required


Auto ID sensors

The automatic identification readers allow the reading and decoding of bar codes in highly complex situations: Reading of codes that are in different positions on the components, simultaneous reading of codes on multiple electronic PCBs, reading of codes on objects of different heights , etc…


Vision sensors

Vision Sensors are based on the principles of artificial vision and are able to permanently inspect a wide range of targets, using visual information such as shapes and colors. They are used in multiple applications including quality control, robot positioning and others where visual data is required.


Wearable Device

Nawadays, 1D / 2D barcode readers and PDAs allow warehouse or line operators to work “hands free” while guaranteeing the possibility of confirming picking or assembly operations, production progress, launching refill kanban requests, etc.

The advantages of the Open Mind Tech Tracking Systems


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