People Location

People Location allows to monitor operators and visitors in indoor and / or outdoor environments (company yards) for multiple reasons:

  • Safety: in the event of areas at risk, fire, danger, etc … the system allows you to instantly check the position of the people to be assisted
  • Access control: to monitor entry / exit with possible management of restricted access areas
  • Activity monitoring: to monitor the stationing times of an operator in a specific area or to monitor the interaction between objects and people

The technologies mainly used for these solutions are RFID tags, Beacons and RTLS.

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Goods Location

Location of goods allows the identification of individual components, packages, pallets, or entire lots in an indoor and / or outdoor environment (company yards) both in a static and moving position, guiding the operator in a timely manner.

Here are the main applications:

  • Location: Punctual real-time identification of an asset, package, pallet or machinery
  • Access control: to monitor the entry / exit of goods from specific areas (Plant, warehouse, production lines, buffer areas, consolidation areas, etc …)
  • Timely identification of an asset based on FIFO logics
  • Monitoring of supply times of production lines

The technologies mainly used for these solutions are RFID Tags, Beacons and Electronic Labels with LED light.


Means Location

Geolocation of vehicles allows the identification and / or tracing of individual vehicles and devices in an indoor and / or outdoor environment (company yards), whether static or in motion.

  • AGV /Forklifts: Geolocation of forklifts and AGV / LGV for monitoring delivery times and any malfunctions
  • Company Fleets: Optimization of routes, monitoring and traceability of company vehicle fleets

The technologies mainly used for these solutions are active RFID tags, Beacons and UWB transponders.

location AGV

Integrable technology

ESL for electronic Kanban


Electronic Labels (ESL) allow a very accurate Geolocation of assets. Thanks to the triangulation of the transmission powers (RSSI) and high intensity LED lights, they allow the operator to be guided in the precise identification of the item to be found


RFID technology allow to locate or track assets on time. Multiple types of RFID tags are available (active, passive, on-metal, rugged, etc …) depending on the type of asset to which they are associated and the accuracy required


Beacons allow you to provide a precise location of devices, people, vehicles or assets within an area. They use BLE technology (Bluetooth Low Energy 2.4 Ghz.) and allow locations up to about 100 meters with an accuracy of less than 2 meters


The Ultra wide band (UWB) tags allow a geolocation of the package to which they are associated with an accuracy that can go up to 30cm thanks to the Ultra wide transmission frequencies used (from 3 to 7 Ghz.)

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