The Manufacturing Supermarket Optimization in Industry and Production

Open Mind Tech realizes Solutions for the manufacturing supermarket optimization in production lines, reducing times and errors, in accordance with the production flows of each Company.

Manufacturing Supermarket features

Many companies use mini-stores or manufacturing supermarkets, in support to the main warehouse, that are inserted directly into the production area. They gather a specific range of components necessary for production, and are positioned directly next to the line itself, near the point of use. The production team defines the materials to be included in the supermarket: it’s especially about rotating components. The warehouse team then picks up the individual components and positions them in the supermarket as expected in the workflow.

Open Mind Tech Systems allow to optimize the functionality of the manufacturing supermarket using Wi-Fi Electronic Labels with high intensity LED lights.

In fact, operators are guided both in the components pick-up phases from the shelves (Pick-to-Light) and in the deposit of items taken in the Manufacturing Supermarket (Put to Light).

manufacturing supermarket optimization
manufacturing supermarket optimization

Manufacturing Supermarket Optimization

Thanks to the Open Mind Tech solution, the Manufacturing Supermarket, through the use of Wi-Fi Electronic Labels, allows you to:

  • Guide the operator during the product / item / component picking.
  • Make Kanban replenishment calls to the central warehouse.
  • Guide the operator during the Supermarket refill phase.
  • Historicize and measure operational lead times and stock rotation.

The System eliminates the use of classic Kanban tags related to products/items/components, reducing time and eliminating operational errors.

Thanks to the efficiency of Manufacturing Supermarket refilling operations, it is therefore possible to optimize stocks and spaces dedicated to the Supermarket in compliance with the operational Takt Time of each Company.

Embeddable technologies

ESL for electronic Kanban


Electronic Labels (ESL) guide operators thanks to the LED lights on the Label and the graphic displays offer any information useful for identifying the product. They are updated remotely and therefore allow you to monitor stocks, FIFOs, etc.

pick to light Voice System

Voice Collect System

The Voice Collect System allow all information to be communicated to the headset by the software that manages it. The operator confirm the operation through vocal inputs.

Electronic kanban picking

Wearable Device

Nawadays, 1D / 2D barcode readers and PDAs allow warehouse or line operators to work “hands free” while guaranteeing the possibility of confirming picking or assembly operations, production progress, launching refill kanban requests, etc.

The advantages of the Open Mind Tech Manufacturing Supermarket Optimization Systems


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