Om-Link is the heart of Open Mind Group solutions

OM-Link is a web-based platform developed in PHP-MySQL. This platform manages all incoming data flows to and from the Company ERP (SAP, Barflow, MES, AS400, etc.) through standard interfaces or specific integration modules. It can manage different technologies for improving the efficacy and efficency of your productivity.

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OM-Link manages all the operations required by every function, operator or production line, monitoring operational lead times, historicizing every operation and providing feedback to the company ERP. It provides different access levels (e.g. administrator, team leader, operator, etc.) allowing each operator to interact with the system according to different access levels.

Ad hoc solutions

Depending on the type of operation to be used (e.g. Pick/Put by Light, Electronic Kanban, Cross Docking, Goods and assets Traceability, Beacon Network, etc.), Open Mind Tech develops ad hoc solutions based on customer specific needs, using one or more communication technologies. The user interface can also be customized according to customer’s needs, in order to make the application and its functionality more usable.

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