Our Pick and Put to Light Solutions

Pick to light Solutions designed by Open Mind Tech are integrable with Picking technologies that can be interfaced with the management softwares, ERP, WMS and company MES through the proprietary OM-Link platform. They allow to guide the operator in order to increase productivity, drastically reduce errors and therefore operating costs for the company.

Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light Systems

Open Mind Tech’s Pick and Put-to-Light solutions are fully customizable according to the operational needs of the individual company: “sequential” picking, “massive” picking, sorting, single / multi operator, “milk run”, etc.

Open Mind Tech’s Pick and Put-to-Light solutions are based on Wi-Fi Electronic Labels technology which, thanks to the graphic display, allow operators to show any information (product code, barcode, QrCode, quantity, stock, location) and, thanks to the multi-colored LED lights on the Label itself, allow to guide operators quickly and safely to the product to be picked up or replenished.

Electronic Labels are available in multiple formats and are equipped with batteries that guarantee autonomy for several years (depending on use).

Pick to light
Pick to light

The Pick and Put-to-Light systems based on Wi-Fi Electronic Labels are perfect for a logistics environment for all package handling operations and in a production environment for Kitting operations, for the management of the Manufacturing Supermarkets, to guide operators during the assembly phases.

The advantages offered by these solutions are several:

  • no shelf wiring
  • scalability over time as the shelf / line lay-out needs vary,
  • long battery life,
  • reduction of research time and costs,
  • elimination of printing costs for paper labels
  • reduction of staff training times

For a comparison with the wired Pick to Light and standard Wi-Fi systems, please follow the link.

Pick-to-Light Systems Comparison

Voice Picking System

Voice Picking Systems allow operators to perform picking stages guided by specific voice commands. The operators confirm, always vocally, the execution of these commands.

Each operator is equipped with a dedicated mobile device or voice terminal and a headset with microphone.

Voice Picking can be integrated with Wi-Fi Electronic Labels if you want an even more effective and safe solution. The combination of the two technologies offers two additional advantages:

  • Voice and visual operator guidance (thanks to the lights on the labels)
  • Voice pick-up confirmation with Check Digit constantly updated to be read on the Label display (to avoid often recurring mnemonic mechanisms)
Pick to light

Embeddable technologies

ESL for electronic Kanban


Electronic Labels (ESL) guide operators thanks to the LED lights on the Label and the graphic displays offer any information useful for identifying the product. They are updated remotely and therefore allow you to monitor stocks, FIFOs, etc.

pick to light Voice System

Voice System

Voice Picking provides operators with voice guidance of operations. It is a system settable on the needs of the individual company: voice commands, picking flows, pick-up confirmations as well as background noise

Electronic kanban picking

Wearable Device

They are single or combined solutions of wearable barcode readers and wearable PDAs. They offer the operator maximum freedom of movement (hands free) and immediate interaction with the sw platform for specific functions

Pick to light Rugged-Tablet

Rugged Tablet

Supplied to pickers or mounted on cart or forklifts, they offer the possibility to confirm picking and refilling operations in a precise and punctual way. Available in multiple formats and features

The advantages of the Open Mind Tech Picking Systems


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