RFID systems
 for traceability and localization

Thanks to RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) highly custom solutions developed by Open Mind Tech, specifically for the industrial-logistic sector 4.0, we are able to grant you a speed and a precision that will improve your productivity, decreasing simultaneously errors and time loss.

For improving your performances and carry on your work the best you can

High traceability

Houndreds if not thousand of goods, pallets, products, that go in and go out your warehouse every day: tons of articles which is easy to lose control with consequent slowing down in time production and therefore economic loss. Through the RFID systems controlled by our software OM-Link as middleware between your company ERP and the WMS (Warehouse Management System) we are able to identify a specific item among other thousands similar. Moreover we can trace the history of that product from production to delivery in the way to minimize errors ad subsequently trace eventual faulty lots.

Multiple tag acquisitions

Through the type of RFID tags on the goods and the type of RFID readers (manual or fixed) that your company decides to use, we are able to grant you the multiple acquisition in real time of hundreds of tags contemporary without errors or overlays. RFID systems reduce drastically the timing that would be necessary for the reading through a simple bar code and the manual confirmation by the operator, all this without considering the high possibility of human error that this method can include.

RFID reader
RFID tag and handheld reader

Stock and out of stock reduction

With the use of RFID readers and passive or active tags on every warehouse items, you can trace every movimentation coming in or going out and have in real time an updating on the invetory situation automatically made by software. With this system you could reorder only the necessary stock and avoid the out of stock.

Long range reading

Using handheld RFID readers or other types of mobile readers for the inventory operations, you’ll be able to speed up stock control in the warehouse. They can read at a distance of more than 10 meters and catch houndreds of tags contemporary.

Further advantages


Solutions with RFID technology that we propose, reduce and in many cases zero the use of paper which can be subjected to form of deterioration and easily damaged making unreadable the necessary information. In addition you will contribute to the eco-sustainability of your company.

Tag updating through software

Our software OM-Link, updates the information in each tag  automatically so that you do not have to physically intervene on them. This because to each physical tag corresponds a series of data in the system.

Technical Specification

Main technical characteristic of RFID system.

Mobile and Fixed devices

embeddable with our solution of LOCALIZATION and TRACEABILITY

fixed reader

Fixed Reader
2/4/8 Ports

RFID antenna

Fixed Antennas

Handheld RFID reader

Reader for
moving reading

RFID industry tags

Rfid tag
Rugged and sticky


Despite the ROI (Return on investment) of a project that include RFID technology varies on base of the dimension and the kind of devices used, the data we have collected in the past installation says it is between 8 and 18 months.


Main KPI (key performance indicator) of the RFID technology are:

  • stock reduction between 60 and l’80%
  • accuracy between 98 and 99,9%
  • decrase of shipping time 50%
  • higher speed control on goods 90%
  • reduction on inventory costs between 30 e il 50%,



When metallic surfaces are in contact with RFID tag or there is an high presence of metal in the warehouse, there could be interferences or shielding between the electromagnetic field created by the RFID tag and the readers. In cases like these we study with you solutions ad hoc, eventually using specific tags for this kind of problematics for example the MOM (Mounting on Metal) tag or OFM (Optimized for Metal) tag that have a shell made of plastic material (ABS, Polycarbonate, resins).


Liquids are sworn enemy of the RFID technology, because they have the ability to absorb radiofrequency. Even in this case we study with you how to bypass this obstacle.