Smart Glasses

The visor for industrial application

Smart Glasses are new generation devices, which help to put the operator in the condition to work, taking advantage of all the technologies, but  leaving his hands free from devices that could obstacle his working activities.

Smart Glasses: a wearable display

Smart Glasses HD4000, managed by OM-Link software, show directly in the operator visual field the informarion that he needs for completing his tasks. In this way hands and eyes stay focused on the operation to do.

Smart Glasses are wired connected with a wearable computer from where they recive the power. In this way they are particularly light and fitted for a constant use all day long.

smart glasses
smart glasses application


There are several application for Smart Glasses: from the manage of real time picking to remote assistance, to the assembly instruction for a line operator.

Our software OM-Link allow the easy use of this device and it can create an interconnection with other devices as Rfid, Beacon, UWB, Wearable bar code scanner.

All these applications with Smart Glasses technology improve the reaction time of operators, the working well-being of them and as a result a drop in time of order fullfilment.

Safety: a fundamental element

The complete device wearability allows to develop application that can improve the safety of workers. The computer linked to the glasses is equipped with a series of sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, brightness, temperature) that can localize an understand the behaviour of the worker itself. This functionality allows to know if the worker is in a possible danger or not.  The camera present on the glasses then, gives the possibility to activate emergency procedures.

Hygienic and confortable design

HD4000 is assemby on normal safety glasses ready to use, without any need of particular tools. This allow to easily equipped every worker with a pair of glasses, improving hygiene and preventig bacteria diffusion. The completely adjustable framework is either fit for the right or the left eye, it has a wide range of interpupillary and also for contact lens. The HD4000 can be moved instantly from an eye to another, therefore less fatigue for the eyes themself.

Technical specification

Display ain technical characteristic.


The display increases the operations precision and efficency. For example in a warehouse you can direct the operator to the correct picking positions, verifying the item collected, improving precision, speeding up operations and reducing formation times. Workman on the assembly line can  visualize operations step by step in real time on their smart glasses in order to avoid errors and speeding the assembly.


Initial equipment for singular operator is made by the sum of the devices that consent taceability, localization, and development of different activities. Initial investment could seem heavy, but the return on investment is really short, thanks to the numerous activities that projects tied to this technology can grant.