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Open mind Tech realize highly custom solutions for localization systems, through the use of last generation Ultra Wide Band technology (UWB).  If  you are looking for the best performance and best precision possible, in order to know in every moment the exact position of everything in your warehouse, then we are able to satisfy that request usig UWB RTLS .

For improving your performances and carry on your work the best you can

High precision

The solution we propose with Ultra Wide Band Technology for indoor localization offers at the moment the best precision available on the market. Their accuracy in localization everything is around 5-10 centimeters.

No one interference

Being the UWB systems high performance and operating in a frequence between 3.1 to 10.6 Ghz there are not problem due to interfernce with other radio frequencies or screen off materials. Problems that can happen with Wi-fi or RFID systems.

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Real time location

One great advantages of UWB technology is the real time localization (RTLS) in 2D and 3D of: goods, operators, carts, elevators and every other item still or moving inside the warehouse or logistic center.

Big data quantities

 Ultra wide Band, thanks to his wide frequency band, makes it the best technology for exchanging big data quantities at high speed level. It can represent the ideal comunication mean inside the warehouse, for transmitting the order to the various departements and database updating in real time.

Further advantages

Securities application

UWB technology, using high frequencies, it is able to localize everything that has a tag (people, vehicle, items, objects, goods). In an indoor space, the antennas collect the tag signal and triangulate between themselves. In this way they arrive to the object precise position and the real time direction of his movement, allowing to predict possible dangers in approaching. Furthermore this gives the possibility to advise the operator on time and therefore reduce the risk of incident.

Technical specification

Beacon Systems main technical characteristics.

UWB devices

That can be integrated with our solution of LOCALIZATION and TRACEABILITY


UWB hub


UWB Wand


UWB Reader

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On average the ROI (Return on investment) of a project with UWB solution for the industrial-logistic sector is around 12 months.


Despite this parameters vary on the project typology and how is decided to use the UWB technology, the data we have collected in the past installations say that there is :

  • An increasing of productivity between 50 e 60%
  • A drob of lost items near 99%
  • An increasing of safeness near 30%
  • A growth of manufacturing efficiency between 30 and 40%
  • A reduction of  on-the-job injury near 50%



UWB solutions initial cost can vary a lot in relation to the dimesion of the area to cover, the numbers of antennas to install for obtaining the best precision and accurancy.