Wearable Devices

 Barcode Reader, Pda, Tablet Rugged and Voice for industry 4.0

Wearable devices selected by Open Mind Tech are specifically for the logistic-industrial sector. They aim to be ergonomic, easy to wear, easy to use and with an high level of confort. In this way they increase the well-being of the worker and therefore the productivity, without forget the rugged characteristic which in this enviroment are fondamental. You will forget to have them on, and they will become the natural extension of your hand and thought.

For improving your performances and carry on your work the best you can.

Scanner gloves

ProGlove smart gloves developed specifically for the world of logistic and industry 4.0 have the capability to improve the efficiency and efficacy of scanning processes made by the operator. They leave the hand free to handle warehouse items and facilitate picking operations.  They have been designed like if they were the natural extension of the hand, strengthen human-machine interaction. With these scanner gloves it is possible to reduce scanning time down till 4 seconds each reading. Furthermore, smart gloves give a direct feedback to the operator through optical, tactile and acoustic signal, contributing to eliminate errors and improving complex quality of the process.

wearable device proglove
wearable device PDA


The power of a computer on your wrist that allow you to not interrupt the work flow. A PDA improve the flexibility and efficiency of picking operations, kitting operations and in the same time have access to all necessary information in order to bring to the end your task without have necessity to move from where you are for finding them. In this way a PDA reduces dead times, risk of errors that could occur with old paper lists and increasing precision at the same time. The possibility to interact with other wearable devices, long lasting batteries, touchscreen display, impact resistance, made of this device one that cannot be miss in the warehouse and logistic 4.0. 

Tablet rugged

In the case that a tablet cannot be wear on the wrist or on the forearm because of confort, safeness or both, but has to remain in the hands of the pickers, mounted on forklifts or cart, the best solution is a tablet rugged which has an high resistance to the impact, falls and water. They are many more resistant then the common tablet on the market, they have a magnesium shell for protecting the internal component from the impacts and another external shell made in elastomer for softening the impact force. They are waterproof, water resistant, long lasting life and are specifically made for hostile locations. 

Wearable device Tablet rugged
wearable device Voice System


A guide voice that directs you through the aisles warehouse, which with a software of voice synthesis is able to give you simple and clear instructions. Pickers interacting swiftly via voice with the voice device can make faster picking operations. Talking with it they can give confirmations of the item collected. Using the voice device the advantages for the operators are multiplied either in terms of communication and confort. The voice device consent the pickers to work “head up” among the warehouse aisles, reducing the risk of work incident and increasing the safeness.